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Dr. Alder Henao

ASPS Member plastic surgeon and member of the Colombian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He trained in medicine from the Universidad del Valle in Cali.

He did his specialization in Brazil with the best plastic surgeons in Sao Paulo.

Specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery and subspecialty in hair transplant, has high scientific and technical levels, quality standards and ambulatory surgery and hospital safety, pending a select you 24 hours medical equipment.


Invasive Technologies

Plastic Surgery continues to advance and develop, every day new surgical techniques are discovered that applied with the appropriate tools can offer greater satisfaction to you as a patient and improve your long-term results.

Minimally Invasive Technologies

Today, there are treatments that allow to obtain excellent and very natural results using minimally invasive technologies that are becoming more common due to the access that people have, the little or no recovery time and also the short time in which they take place.

Technologies for simulation and prediction of results in plastic surgery.

It is the first 3D simulator based on web technology to visualize the result of breast augmentation, and of some facial and body procedures. This tool is useful both for you as a patient and for the surgeon, as it helps to define real expectations and thus improve the final results.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

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